Sunday, November 16, 2014

First 150 pokemon :D

I finally made a point to catch em all and I did it! :D yay!

Monday, September 1, 2014

3dsMax Scale to Shapeways Scale

So I have been doing some 3d printing on shapeways but 3d scale is always an issue. It is a problem in games, 3d to 3d program, and also in 3d printing. Well from a simple test with a cube in max I have come to the conclusion that 100 3dsmax units = 10cm in Shapeways.
This might be a no brainer for some people but I personally didn't know this so I am just putting it out there for other confused people.

Here is my progress on how I figured it out:

Sizing a box in 3dsmax to correct units for shapeways printing:
Programs you need 3dsmax and MeshLab.

Export an obj from 3ds max, cube at 100units all sides
import it into MeshLab, Export as an X3D
(we export as an X3D so we can transfer texture information like you would a regular textured model) import X3D into Shapeways using and default unit of measure! It has ZERO effect on your model.

A regular box at 100 3dsmax units =
Size in Shapeways:
in 3.937w,d,h
cm 10w,d,h

So with this we can see that max "units" are about a decimal point off from being Shapeways CM. 3dsmax 100 units = Shapways 10 cm
^when imported as mm, inches, m
^see the import setting doesn't really fucking matter.

So I made a box that is 50 units. result
in 1.969w,d,h
cm 5w,d,h

Conclusion: Shapeways cm are in fact max units with a moved decimal point.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Made the creepy fetus guy from Silent Hill's PT demo. You can check it out here:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Minecraft Map to .OBJ model for 3d printing!

 I checked out Deviant Art today and oofiloo posted a short tutorial on how to get a segment of your minecrat world out as an obj file. LINK

 Above is an old Vanilla Minecraft Map I used to play a lot and figured it would be a good candidate to try this out on. The smoothing groups/normals make everything look really chubby but they are still just flat cubes.

If you are interested in seeing your minecraft world in 3d or get it printed out check out Mineways. The program is free and takes under a minute to figure out. It directs to your Vanilla minecraft folder by default.

I tried this on a modded minecraft world and it still worked but with a few problems. I am guessing it is a block id issue since my foliage from BiomesOPlenty mod all turned into bedrock in the render. Still pretty cool tho. :)

I tried another map with microblocks in it and they too all turned into blocks of bedrock... so that didn't work so much.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

So My (E:) Drive Died

I lost all of my progress on my pokemon transfer quest and I will have to start over. Back to Pokemon Red!... ;_;

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Great Pokemon Rom Migration of our time! Gen 1 to Gen 2 to Gen 3 to Gen 4 to Gen 5

So recently I have been playing loads of Pokemon on Roms and the big motivator has been Twitch Plays Pokemon and the desire to transfer my Mons from the very first games to the more recent.

Currently there is no legit emulator for 3DS so that means No Pokemon X & Y. Keep an eye on the emulation forums and don't believe the Google search hype. Currently March 2015 there is no working 3DS emulator.

There are many guides out there for this but this one is mine with my personal experience with migrating pokemon from game to game. I know this guide will work 100% if you use the games I have and do exactly as I do. I will update this as I find out easier ways to do things and when I know 100% that a certain method works.

A little background first... Pokemon Generations and their Games. You can look at the wiki but it can get a bit confusing.

Family tree image I found using google:

Gen 1:
Gen 2:
Gen 3:
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald & Fire Red/ Leaf Green
Gen 4:
Pearl/Diamond/Platinum & Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Gen 5:
Black/White & Black 2/ White 2
Gen 6:
X/Y & Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby

Where do I find pokemon Roms?  Just Google it.

The Great Migration Guide: 

If a link is dead for a transfer tool check Pokemon tool updates:
and if you still can't find it let me know.

I don't feel like writing in a ton of hand holding in this guide but if you are stuck let me know and I will update if necessary.

Before making any changes to your pokemon save files aka "battery file" (.sav) make sure you make a back up. I always have a back up file and sometimes back up/ back ups when testing tools.

Gen 1 to Gen 2
I played Red/Blue and Crystal with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator
Download pikasav:
Download Pokemon Time Machine by Metropolis:
Metropolis is sitting in a forum thread so you may have to dig a little bit.

  • Open Gen 1 save in pikasav
  • Export all pokemon you want to use in Gen2 as .pkm files
  • Open each .pkm file one at a time in Metropolis
  • Convert pokemon to Gen2
  • Save pokemon (no new file here just hit save and the .pkm will be updated)
  • Open Gen2 game in pikasav and drop .pkm files one at a time into the pc boxes.
  • Save file and you are done! 

Keep in mind:
Metropolis' tool has been updated recently with bug fixes but I have yet to test it. The version I used would corrupt the game save if I edited the .sav file and not just the .pkm files. This is why I hop between pikasav and Metropolis' tool.

Gen 1 to Gen 1 / Gen 1 to Gen 2 / Gen 2 to Gen 1
As Luke Freeman in the comments stated:
TGB Dual can trade between RGBYGSC without any problems, and .sav files are completely compatible with VBA Link, which cannot trade between those versions.

So if you wanted to do some trading with out using an outside program other than an emulator you can use TGB Dual. 

To trade between Gen 2 and Gen 1 you will need to first meet "Bill" in your Gen 2 game and then wait "24 hours" to unlock the interface in the poke-center. 

Keep in mind:
TGB Dual was created initially in Japanese. So make sure you look for an English version. I was able to find TGB Dual Vol. 8.3.1 in english. 

Thanks Luke! :D

Gen 1 & 2 to Gen 3

Keep in mind:
As you may have heard transferring pokemon from Gen 1 & 2 to Gen 3 games is impossible. Well that is only half true. When the people at Nintendo made the Gen 3 games they made the IV/EV stuff more complex. These are the hidden values on your pokemon that determines nature and how they will grow stats wise as they level. The "Pokemon Time Machine by Metropolis" converts the gen 1 & 2 pokemon to gen 3 with this in mind but you must also input the caught location manually and their trainer id may need a re-roll. 

So if you want your legit pokemon to ever leave emulators and make it into a legit cartridge you may want to start with Gen 3 instead of 1 & 2. 

I played Red/Blue/Crystal and Emerald with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator
Download pikasav:
Download Pokemon Time Machine by Metropolis:
alt link :
Metropolis is sitting in a forum thread so you may have to dig a little bit.
Download A-Save by KazoWAR:

  • Open Gen 1 or 2 save in pikasav
  • Export all pokemon you want to use in Gen 3 as .pkm files
  • Open each .pkm file one at a time in Metropolis
  • Convert pokemon to Gen3
  • Save pokemon (no new file here just hit save and the .pkm will be updated)
  • Open A-Save and open Gen3 game.(Correct Save format required Flash128)
  • Open boxes and right click/import .pkm files one at a time
  • Save file and you are done!

Keep in mind:
Emerald by default will not save out correctly with VisualBoyAdvance to edit with A-Save. Also to just play it normally with VBA you need to make some changes to your settings.
Under Options/Emulator check:
Real Time Clock
Save Type>
       Flash 128K
Image of my settings in VBA:
If you derped on using the correct save file type try converting it here:

Gen 3 to Gen 3
If you want to avoid using a 3rd party program you can awkwardly trade with yourself using VBALink. I have currently traded successfully with myself with leaf green and fire red.

To my understanding trading like this keeps your pokemon "legit" where as some save editors can screw up some of your pokemon's stats.

Keep in mind:
I have read that a bunch of people are having a hard time getting VBA Link to work. I think this is a problem with what version of VBALink they are using. The version I have been using is 1.7.2.

Gen 3 to Gen 4 Via Pal Park
I played Emerald and Platinum with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator and the DeSmuMe emulator
Just to be clear:
One does not simply transfer from Gen 3 to Gen 4 via Pal Park
For starters you need to beat your Gen 4 game. All Gyms, Elite 4, and get the National Pokedex for at least Seeing all pokemon in the game. This means you need to do a lot before Pal Park becomes available. 

Ok so... DeSmuMe has a GBA slot for your Gen 3 rom...

  • So there are a lot of issues with getting DeSmuMe to do this correctly.
  • For starters the new version of DeSmuMe 0.9.10 will not work so you need to use the older version: 0.9.7
  • The Gen 3 .sav file needs to be saved out as Flash 128 in VBALINK 1.7.2(just like VBA just slightly different)
  • Export a battery file (.sav) from VBALINK 1.7.2
  • Ok using the correct programs and settings...
  • You can't transfer pokemon that know HM moves so delete the moves.
  • In Emerald the move deleter is in Lilycove City, east of the Pokemart.
  • You can only transfer 6 pokemon a day to pal park so changing your computer time/day is a must. 
  • You can't transfer pokemon that are currently in your party in Gen 3 so get them in the boxes.
  • Process for Transfer:
  • Place the gen3.gba and gen3.sav file in the roms folder of the Old DeSmuMe from VBALINK 1.7.2.
  • (*_*) Open old desmume and open your gen 4 game.
  • In the menu go to Emulation -> GBA slot
  • Change it to Guitar Grip, this will reset the game
  • Now change it to GBA game and select your gen3.gba in the old desmume roms folder.
  • This will reset the game again.
  • If everything was done correctly you will now be able to migrate 6 pokemon over via the main menu
  • Good ol' "Save Failed" can still happen for what seems like no reason anyways.. No worries! just resave and export from vbalink and try try again. Check your versions and make sure you are exporting your save correctly.
  • Pal park is stupid easy... just walk around till your pokemon spawns, might need to surf, and throw a ball.. done
  • Transfer new pokemons to box via guy working there.
  • Save game and close desmume
  • Change your date to the following day on your computer and repeat the process starting at (*_*)
  • Good ol' "Save Failed" can still happen for what seems like no reason anyways.. No worries! just resave and export from vbalink and try try again,
  • Once you have a stable save for Gen 4 transfer it stays stable. 

Keep in mind:
When Save Failed happens the game will tell you upon opening next time that the save was corrupt and that it reverted to an earlier version. No worries! it just recognized that the save failed and it's cool.

More Updates on the way!
This is where I currently am in my games. I plan on playing Soul Silver next and then moving to Gen 5 Black and White.
Tools for migrating Gen 4/5 I have not used yet:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I created The Almighty Helix Fossil!

The Almighty Helix Fossil
3D Print!

Get your own at: